It’s hard to be the mother of a 2nd grader.

Today, I am mystery reader in William’s 2nd grade class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up at the beginning of the year. After talking to several mother’s about being a mystery reader, I was informed that most brought a goodie of some sort whether it be a snack, silly band, or some fun activity. As if picking a story wasn’t hard enough! I had finally decided on two stories that I felt everyone would enjoy; now I had the task of incorporating some sort of treat.

The stories I have chosen are Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day and T’was the Night before Thanksgiving. Could the goodie be gum? Probably not, I didn’t want William’s teacher to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. As if being a teacher isn’t a hard enough job. Dealing with 24 kids chewing gum didn’t sound like a good idea. I finally decided on turkey cookies. They would go well with T’was the Night before Thanksgiving and were pretty easy to throw together. I had made them several years before when the boys were in preschool. I thought they would fit the bill perfectly. I do understand I am still giving the kids added sugar, but at least William’s teacher won’t have to worry about the kids getting gum in their hair like Alexander. 🙂

These cookies are a perfect treat for Thanksgiving. I think they would be excellent as decoration for a kid’s table or even as a favor for everyone to take home. Not only are they easy for the kids to help assemble but they are also a great way to use some of your Halloween candy. 🙂

Since my brain is now fried from the having to deal with the responsibilities of being a mystery reader, what are some suggestions for Jeffrey’s up and coming mystery reading experience in January?

Turkey Cookies

1 recipe prepared sugar cookies (I like this recipe but feel free to use refrigerated dough if necessary.)
1-2 tubs chocolate frosting or your favorite recipe
candy corn
vanilla frosting tinted yellow or orange

Frost cookies with chocolate frosting. Make sure to have it thick enough to hold the candies in place. Using 6 candy corn kernels top the upper part of the cookie to make “feathers”. Match up M&M’s so that you can have matching “eyes”. Using frosting tinted yellow or orange pipe a beak and feet on each cookie. Enjoy!

Adapted from Betty Crocker