Thanks for bearing with me the last week or so. Things have been quite hectic at our house. Last week was the anniversary of my mother’s passing and while it has been 9 years I still miss her and wish she was still with us. I can just imagine the laughs she would get from William and Tyler. I am sure she would get a few laughs and shake her head at me on a regular basis as well. (I am sure seeing her daughter fight for her kids education would have put a good smile on her face.)

We also learned last week of a dear friend also dying. Her story was very similar to my mom’s and she also was too young to die. I pray for her husband, children, and grandchild.

The kicker for the week was when we found out that a kindergartener at our school also died. Our school community has been supporting this family and taking meals to them for over a month and my heart was completely broken when I heard that Jordin had died. Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason for why things happen.

In the midst of all of this I have been training for a 5K. I am not a runner and I will confess that eating a big slice of cake is much more appealing then going to the gym to run. I have been forgoing the cake and running though. I am in better shape now then I have been since I was in high school. (I also have run more in the last 2 months than I had since high school.) So instead of making yummy treats that don’t energize me to get myself running I have been eating more wisely. Don’t get me wrong I love cakes, cookies, pies, and such, but instead of making them as often I have been eating them in more moderation.

If you had stuck with me this long, thank you!!! So onto the passion tea lemonade…have you had this drink at Starbucks? It is one of my favorites for warm weather. We have seen a glimpse of warm weather in Kansas City and I know it is just around the corner so I wanted to share this drink with you. It is so refreshing and yummy. You can also make it a sweet as you like so if you go light on the sugar it can be quite good for you as well. (It is a nice sweet treat after I get home from a run.)

Passion Tea Lemonade

Tazo Iced Passion Herbal Infusion Tea (you can buy it at Target)
1 quart lemonade (use your favorite recipe)

Place one of the Tazo filterbags in a 2-quart pitcher. Add 1 quart of boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bag and stir in 1 quart lemonade. Serve over ice and enjoy!