This post is not the first thing I wanted to share with you about our dog Rooney (my baby). When I talked with Jeffrey about this blog, we imagined that Rooney would be a regular character who would show up in posts because he was such a large part of our lives.  On top of that Rooney was a foodie who was fond of peanut butter and yogurt.  Unfortunately, this past Thursday Rooney had a heart attack and died instantly. I have been in shock for the last two days. I just can’t believe it. He was such a young, strong and atheletic dog.   Apparently, this kind of condition can happen with boxers, and from what I have read 50% of dogs with these conditions never have any symptoms before it just hits them. We are all grieving at my house and the loss of Rooney has definately left a void in our hearts as well as our home.

In just 10 months, Rooney became such a part of our family that if he hadn’t died you probably would have heard a Rooney story in almost every post. He was just that great of a dog. Some people have asked since I started this blog or even before how we stay so fit and avoid weighing 800 lbs. Part of that is because we don’t eat out often and a part of that is due to Rooney. Rooney loved to play. He was good about snuggling on the couch, but whenever you were ready to play so was Rooney. One of my favorite things that I will truly miss is my morning walk/jog with him. It was one of his favorite things as well. “Walk” was a magic four letter word. If I said the word “walk,” Rooney was ready. In fact, once he heard the words “go for a walk” you had no choice. Sometimes after waking I would roll over in bed and whisper to Jeffrey, “I probably should go take Rooney for a walk.” Rooney would hear. He was ready. He was not always patient as I was getting dressed, and more times than not he would paw at my running shoes to let me know that it was time to go. I will greatly miss these walks. I actually told a friend that I will probably get fat now since I don’t have my walking companion. (I promise not all of my recipes will be sugar sweets so please make sure to check back.) All things in moderation is my motto.

Rooney was so much fun and he liked to be a part of whatever we were doing. He knew what time the boys got out of school and he was ready waiting by his leash. He didn’t care if it was a walk or car ride but he wanted to go get the boys. He also loved soccer and had his own soccer ball (stolen from Jeffrey – A side note: a fully inflated size 5 soccer ball is large enough that a boxer cannot get his mouth around it and subsequently pop it). One day Jeffrey had taken the ball to use at practice for William’s soccer team. Rooney and I walked to the school where the practice was held; Rooney saw “his” ball and was greatly distressed that people were playing with “his” ball without him. As soon as practice was over I let Rooney off the leash and he galloped straight for his ball. The kids loved it and had a great time chasing after Rooney and trying to get the ball away from him. We never had to worry about him being aggressive even when playing his favorite sport. He was just that great. So I wanted to share a couple of Rooney pictures. He was such a part off the family that I am just sad you won’t be able to get to know him as well as I would have liked. Here is just a brief synopsis in pictures of our sweet “Baby Roon” “Rooney Tooney”, “Roonz” or “Roonzie” as we liked to call him.